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2000 Honda Crv Driver Side Windows Not Working

Usually we get out of the car - don't even touch the key fob as we are getting out of the car - and the windows all start to open. The more I've thought about it- I think the weather and hard rain triggered the windows rolling down.

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So my Honda Odyssey is gone. Driver side front and rear doors. This is an old question but you can turn this feature off if you look in the manual, I'm almost positive if you put the key in the drivers side door and hold it one way it turn off this feature.

Front headlight assembly and bumper reflector wanted for passenger side. There had, she had to reset the time on the microwave and a bedside clock was showing the time since it had restarted. It suppose to close all your windows at once.

My fob hangs on a hook overnight. Im looking for a centre console stereo fascia so i can fit a standard din aftermarket stereo head unit to my jazz.

All the windows roll down including the moon roof and it only happnes when it is raining. But lately this feature has stopped working.

When I powered up the car every single light on the dash came on then they went out one by one and the car shut down. For sale- moulded boot tray for aerodeck estate.

Paula answered about a year ago. Went out this morning and every window including sunroof was open.

This just happened to me too Accord. Will post their answer later. Has there ever been any lawsuit regarding this?

Why do all my windows roll down automatically when parked

The risk of being parked somewhere and having this happen is pretty concerning. Dealer can't figure it out. Whatever the cause, this is a big problem for me. It seemed to be humidity related in my instances, since it mainly occured during or very near rains.

2000 honda crv driver side windows not working

My Odyssey has been doing this for a couple months. Experienced this phenomenon twice the first day I had the vehicle. Second time was yesterday.

Positive the unlock button wasn't accidentally pressed. Same thing happened to me today for about the third or fourth time. Since I have my car set to lock and auto lock, I never use the buttons on the fob anyway.

This same issue recently happened on my Accord. Looking for good sunroof panel for v-tec. They can install this feature that nobody seems to want. Why just when the car is unattended, particularly in the rain?

Possibly another Honda owner with his remote? But I am not finished with Honda about this. Currently looking for a fix from Honda. Which could definitely point to wiring or circuitry issues, ati radeon xpress 1100 series windows xp vga driver I've since sold my Honda but wanted everyone to have my input Incase it helps with your future litigation to get Honda to help.

Require a driver side wing mirror. Need bonnet, drivers wing, air con rad, piping for rad and bottom arm, bumper backing for model. Apparently, one of my keys attached to the fob ring had held down the remote unlock button while I was I was relocking the door using the driver door handle button. In the last instance it was a nearby lightning strike, it also caused a smart tv, a microwave and a bedside clock to reset. The car was locked, windows up and keys inside the house on the table.

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2000 honda crv driver side windows not working

Well, this just happened to me during a rare southern snow storm. The solution turned out to be quite simple and quick. Good thing it wasn't the following night when we had a huge rain storm!