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Cleveland Golf Hibore Titanium Driver

When I lose feel for my swing, my swing plane grows much too tall and I tend to strike down on the ball, producing the occasional pop-up. This chart shows the optimal launch conditions for a variety of ballspeeds. While striking the ball there provides the most ball speed, it often does so with a lower launch angle and more spin than is optimal.

Cleveland golf hibore titanium driver

In order to drag the center of gravity deeper and lower than in any modern driver, Cleveland had to throw the traditional clubhead shape out of the window. Cleveland Golf creates metal woods optimized for the guy who prefers to launch the ball high, straight, and far, every time. The Cleveland HiBore is a radically shaped driver that boasts, for perhaps the first time in the age of the titanium driver, a sweet spot that perfectly lines up with the center of gravity. This is the first year I used a Cleveland Driver. So, when choosing a driver, Cleveland was going to be a favorite, by default, z-3100 driver in my mind.

With the stock shaft, these were the shots I hit. When you look hard at the angle of the face, it appears to be a good three to four degrees closed. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. When you find one that works, order your new Hi-Bore with the same or similar shaft.

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Sound is canny indeed, like the Callaway. The grey grooves, seen here, served as my alignment aid once I noticed them. Launch it high, far, and straight, with enough spin to place the ball right where you want it. With the ProForce, I could keep the ball flight down slightly, but the closed appearance to the face led me to either hook the ball or try to hold off the face, creating a similar small cut. Despite being a sucker for more popular brand names, the HiBore felt much more natural in my hands.

It just automatically made this a longer and straighter drive. Based on your review, I am going to risk the closed face and buy, thank you. From this view, you can clearly see the depth or lack thereof of the face. Once in a while I will get that high draw but with the distance I get with either of these clubs I will take that straight or slight fade with the high launch. Visions of Daly and all that.

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Huntington Beach Collection The ultra-soft stainless steel used in each Huntington Beach Collection Putter has a precision milled face for a truer roll. My options were reshafting or buying a new driver.

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Once the adjustment is made to the closed HiBore face, it was pretty consistant straigh and long. The fact is that the hibore which had had a lady regular shaft. With the hibore its around meter. With the heighth of these drivers I wonder about a windy day but I have a solution.

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And this has been my concern for several week now since i decided to buy a new driver. However, once the HiBore and I were in sync, I pumped range rock after range rock out of the driving range. But, the forgiveness on the miss hits is a huge plus so far. On solid contact, I am able to hit this club with an absolutely beautiful flight path. My first round with it yielded booming drives and a P.

Just plain long and straight now. For some reason, I kept hitting the ball close to the heel of the clubface my fault of course. Thank you very much for your advices and your quick answers greeting Bye. While I really had no problem adjusting to this, most of my playing partners could not quickly adjust. Good luck with that new Hi-Bore.

Choking up will also build your confidence for that time when you become more comfortable with your swing and new driver, and you really start to rip it. The Fujikura shaft has a low kickpoint which may help explain this, as lower kick points can easily add a few degrees to the launch angle. One of the better written and detailed article. The stock grip is very tacky, providing the necessary grip and feedback in colors that match the stock shaft. The HiBore is actually one of the most attractive drivers on the market.

Notify me of new posts by email. Fortunately, I eventually noticed that the grooves in the center of the clubface are grey, not white, and I began using the gap as my alignment aid see above image.

The distance that i hit is around meter. It just seems to put me consistantly in a better spot for my second shot every time.

Cleveland hibore driver

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Looks and Setup The first thing anyone will notice about the HiBore is the huge scoop-out section where the crown should be. The two shafts are fairly similar in their specifications, though they felt quite different to me. The nice thing was the shot would start left and fade back near to my line of sight without losing too much distance.

Home Clubs Men's Golf Clubs. Go to a good golf store Golfsmith and have them plot and time your swing. The HiBore is certainly unique to look at, but what bothered us most was the closed face.

The crown has been painted in a black matte finish that, while not exactly non-glare, definitely creates less glare than the glossy polishes of most other driver crowns. So i started to look for a good driver that could help my game accurate and forgiving. Our first date on a local range was magnificent.

Your email address will not be published. In terms of contact, i do on a regular basis make contact with the club, and i do have a smooth swing to work with. The acoustics of the head took some time getting used to as well, it sounds rather like a half-full soup can at impact. The tour-proven putter shapes are the same seen on tours around the world. That should allow them to recommend the right shaft for your swing speed.