History of Swedish Glass


History of Swedish Glass


Dating crystal decanters, antique glass decanter

Descriptions, images and price ranges are included for reference purposes. How to Identify Crystal Stemware Marks. Hadeland Norway glass decanter opaque moss green, cylindrical form. The Excise Tax caused manufacturers to make decanters lighter in weight.

Collectible decanters can be old or new, as age is not a requirement for appeal or value. Five crystal liqueur decanters and one wine decanter, includes one Baccarat. Edvard Hald developed this technique further with Heinz Richter to form the Aquagraal technique.

  • Cut glass often has chips on the facets that show with the magnifying glass or loupe, and these devalue a crystal decanter.
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  • If you are interested in any of the pieces shown, or would like to enquire about other items in our stock, please contact us.
  • We have all the date codes and serial numbers that enable you to date your Orrefors Kraka piece.
  • Engraving may also devalue barware, especially if the name or initials are uncommon.

History of Swedish Glass

Dating crystal decanters

Early pieces had the production date mentioned seperately on them. Antique Keyboard Instruments. This site is a price guide to antiques and collectables, and the items displayed are not being offered for sale, as all items displayed on the site have been previously sold. Click here for list of portraits.

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Pair Bohemian cased glass decanters. The Slip Graal technique was developed in the late s. One subscription covers all libraries in your group. Bjorn Weckstrom Finnish pair of Finnish figural decanters, c.

Antique glass decanter

Glass with manufacturing flaws might be factory seconds or not the retail line. New in the box is more valuable than well used. Prices to not include delivery. The tax benefited the industry in Ireland where it did not apply.

Decanters & drinking-glasses (dating notes)

Beaded looped pulling handle. Use a loupe to check closer, and look across the flat surface of the bottom. Decanters Book by David Leigh. Fluted handle and star-cut base.

How to Identify a Fenton Opalescent Vase. You can reduce the number of items displayed by entering a keyword that must be included in the description of the item. Click on the thumbnail pictures to enlarge them. The Orrefors Graal Glass went through several stages of development to get to the Graal technique that we are used to today. Latest added to earliest added Latest added to earliest added Earliest added to latest added Highest price to lowest Lowest price to highest.

How to Find the Value of a Crystal Decanter

Original matching hollow blown spire stopper. Czech glass claret wine decanter having silver plated mounts, etched detailwith raised ruby detail. An Art Deco Baccarat style spirit decanter, of stylish form with black and frosted overlay glass, geometric patterns and silver neck, excellent condition.

Dating crystal decanters

These items are not for sale and the descriptions, dating with korean guy images and prices are for reference purposes only. For library subscription rates please contact our libraries agent. Orrefors used different numbering systems with most of their art glass.

Matching hollow blown fluted flat-topped stopper cut with a star. They were used to serve wine at a time when there was a move towards less formal dining procedures and the reduced reliance on servants and waiters. Early Kraka pieces were mostly of a single color, dating and marriage lds white being the most prevalent.

Review current prices for new decanters and arrive at a value. Original lapidary ball stoppers. For each technique used by Orrefors, there is a link to a special page where you can find all the known date codes and serial numbers that were used at Orrefors. Baccarat crystal decanter with a square, segmented stopper, pleated neck and well shaped body. We have collected all the date codes, serial and model numbers that enable you to date your Orrefors Ravenna piece.

Decanters & drinking-glasses

How to Find the Value of a Crystal Decanter

Original matching hollow blown sspire stopper. Lead Crystal Glass Identification. Seconds have flaws, but the flaws are not so serious that the items are discarded. Each coaster consists of a row of portrait medallions below a beaded rim and are mounted on four fancy wheels.

Below are a few examples from our extensive stock of decanters. Just click the links in the text to get to the correct page. Check for damage, particularly around the lip and base. Look at the condition to help determine value.

Dating crystal decanters

Crystal decanter

Since a combination of a letter and a number is used for dating. Look for cloudiness and rings inside a crystal bottle, and clean any residue or removable dust. How to Identify Antique Crystal. Crystal decanters for storing alcohol have been used for decoration and function in the American home for over a hundred years. In the second half of the eighteenth century blue, green and amethyst coloured decanters were made.

How to date Orrefors

Orrefors Slip Graal or Slipgraal. How to Identify Marks of a Stiffel Lamp. Determine the maker to help with valuation of lead crystal. Vintage bottle Camus Jubilee cognac in commemorative Baccarat crystal decanter ml bottle.

Other Swedish Glassworks

Learn about Decanters The earliest decanters date from the late seventeenth century and were made from blown moulded glass. Original matching hollow blown gourd shaped stopper. From onward this letter was omitted, since the pieces were clearly marked Slipgraal anyway. Many decanters still have the foil label, and others are marked on the bottom with an acid etch identifier or a stylus.

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Star-cut bases and matching mushroom stoppers. It was first used exclusively for cut glass, but later was used in a broader sense. From until several models were mass-produced. Two glass decanters by Timo Sarpaneva for Iittala, in a cranberry colour, tapering to a fine spout, canada etched to base T Sarpaneva - height cm.

Antique glass decanter - price guide and values

Unusual pieces and shapes are more valuable than common ones. Condition is a key element in determining value. Please note that we are unable to respond to questions regarding history, valuation or sale of antique and collectable items. The crystal makers changed the formula, but wary collectors have kept values of lead crystal decanters low.

  1. She and her husband enjoy remodeling old houses and are currently working on a s home.
  2. Mushroom stopper cut with radiating mitre flutes.
  3. Lay the decanter on the side between two books so it will not roll, with the base facing the light.
  4. Identification of the maker and age of a crystal decanter will help determine the value, but other factors are equally important.
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