Is it Silver or is it plated


Is it Silver or is it plated


Dating rogers brothers silverware, silver plate shun cutlery utensils

Date and pattern for this Rogers Bros. flatware - I Antique Online

How Do You Identify Rogers Flatware

Later the trademark was used by International Silver Company. However this will not work if the silver plated was coated with platinum. The firm was known as manufacturer of jewel boxes still pictured in Sears catalogs in Information courtesy Joanne Wiertella.

Found a spoon while metal detecting Rogers Bro. Selling Rogers Brothers Silver The most important item to know is whether or not your silver is sterling. In my opinion all of them - or most of them - are honoring the very first William Rogers, the guy who introduced the electroplating techniques in America. Roger Brothers Silver remains popular today.

This is the founding date of Rogers Brothers that they include in the hallmark of all their silverware. Unfortunately since we do not specialize in the hallmarks of silverware, it is hard for us to say what you have is sterling or not just by the descriptions you gave. We would recommend taking your pieces to a local antique dealer that may specialize in silverware. Hi Antony, These are tough ones for use since we are not experts in silverware. If all your pieces are sterling we are looking for the weight of just the sterling silver.

We suggest that you wait until you are invoiced before you pay for these items. Using a soft white cloth, rub this on the silver. Otherwise for non-sterling, sms dating trondheim check to see what items are going for on eBay to get an idea about the value. It doesent have the same markings. It has claw shaped feet and a roll top.

Hi Shelly, You think that it would be easier to tell, but it can actually be difficult without the proper training, tools and testing equipment to know for sure. Then weigh pieces that may be weighted or filled with other material or have stainless steel blades, like many knives. Throughout the years, the company used different marks. Hi Larry, Thank you for your question. We will be as cooperative as possible but we will not be responsible for crating or packing.

Collected from various estate sales in Central Kansas. Thank You for Looking and Happy Shopping! You must be your own judge when deciding the condition of listed item.

Is it Silver or is it plated

How Do You Identify Wm Rogers Flatware Patterns

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Columbia University. Do not pay until invoice is received. We do not work with international shipments on a regular basis. Knife dinner and luncheon size blades are stainless, or some other metal, dating in but not sterling silver. Afterward the activity was continued until early s by Cephas B.

  • Its s memorial piece to me cause its the day I meet my fiance.
  • For the carving set, because the handles are not made of precious metal we would not be able to provide a return on the deer horn handles that you describe.
  • Co A company organised in by William and Asa Jr.
  • Wonder if I can send you a pic of it?

As mentioned if the produce does not have Sterling on it this means it is not pure silver. The knive blades are marked stainless steel? When you see the mark, this refers to the founding date - not the date when the item was manufactured.

History of the Rogers Brothers Silver Company

Ive scoured the internet for info, but to no avail. This company was a silver plate company and known for and specialize in silver plated tableware. Also what is best method to safely clean and preserve this silver set?

Date and pattern for this 1847 Rogers Bros. flatware

International Silver

This is an altogether lovely piece that would make a wonderful centerpiece for a table, or a great addition to any art glass collection! We have one of the finest antique Victorian collections available. Rogers, Gilbert Rogers and Wilbur F. Most items I sell are old and used. Mark present from in silverplate spoons produced and distributed by Asa Jr.

Just wondering just how much they are worth. They are all enclosed in a beautiful Oak box with brass hinges. If you have sterling, check to see if you have a complete set and if any pieces are broken or damaged. Electroplating involves the use of electricity and an electrolyte, such as a cyanide solution, indian guy dating site to cause tiny particles of silver to adhere to a metal surface.

  1. Meriden Silver Plate Company History.
  2. Grading conditions are subjective.
  3. So far I have not come across a product that they make that are pure silver but most of the pieces are silver plated.
How to Date Rogers Silver

But I would hold on to it as well! The company originated about the time William of Orange left Flanders to become king of England. Silver Plate Flatware Identification. It was given to me by my mother? After the partners West and Porter retired, they sold their business and the new owners went back to using F.

His writing has been published with Demand Studios, as well as in an online magazine. In good condition, could you give me a price on it? All in all, met i a great lot to start or supplement your collection! Became a division of National Silver Company and was bought in by J.

The two companies were consolidated in under the presidency of William Rogers. Rogers and Gilbert H, Rogers. Hi There, What a sweet story about your proposal. In William Rogers bought the spoon manufactory.

Thank you for your question. Also, if lid or handle on your piece is something other than sterling, you would need to try and find only the weight of the sterling to get an accurate estimate. Just wondering if worth anything.

F.B. Rogers Silver Company

Silverplate Patterns

Organised at Hartford by William H. Mead photo courtesy James Douglas. We only take into account the weight of your items and the amount of silver available for recovery.

The firm succeeded the Niagara Silver Co. Thought you might be interested in knowing this. Even if your piece is sterling, we typically do not take one piece to refine, as it is not worth the cost for us.

That being said, what you have is most likely plated silver and not sterling. We are in the process of listing a very large collection of Antique Victorian items. Generally, this implies a slightly thicker layer of silver plate, which can improve the life of the silver plated item, since silver plate does wear off over time. International Silver started as a combination of America's greatest silver manufacturers.

They left only the woooded box. Please take the time to read the title and description and review the image before asking a question. Perhaps they are hoping their set is magically different! Weighs a few hundred pounds. Until the firm was only a flatware manufacturer.

Silver plate Shun cutlery Utensils

Silverplate ranges from brand new to vintage, from shiny to corroded. Mail will not be shared required. Can you tell me what it is worth? We do take pieces to test if you have a large lot, however would need notice through our contact form or over the phone.

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