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Shortage Of Drivers

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And Costello says truckers are demanding more than good pay. Costello says trucking companies boosted pay sharply last year. Even today, a lack of drivers is making goods more expensive and delaying orders. Sleep deprivation is another chronic problem truck drivers face. Your customers want their packages to arrive quickly and undamaged.

Driver shortage problem

However, all it takes is just a small amount of research and prep work to achieve this goal. How will federal regulations governing licensing, medical testing, safety enforcement and how long drivers may work affect demand and supply? Lack of sleep impacts our mood, our ability to focus, and even our motor skills.

Making the trucking industry safer would also help companies attract and retain people like Ellie O'Daire, a transgender woman who drives for Jim Palmer Trucking. There's no doubt the face of trucking is changing, it's just not clear that's happening fast enough to reverse the deepening shortage of truck drivers.

Shortage of drivers

One of the biggest issues affecting the shortage is demographics. It may seem counterintuitive to recommend investing in autonomous trucking, but it would effectively help solve the trucker shortage. Inefficiency may also be to blame for the shortage. There aren't many places to park a semi, so drivers are tied to truck stops for food and truck bathrooms, night after night.

Adding to the problem, brokering a shipment is still inefficient. Sadly, this part often feels more like a constant struggle than growth for many local businesses. And this cycle seems to be sticking around longer. The problem here is changing the stereotype that the trucking industry is a macho job, for macho men. The reasons relate to inherent aspects of the profession as well as external socio-economic factors.

The Problem Spreads

In fact, Wal-Mart just reported that they plan to increase driver wages in in order to increase retainment. Now an article published by the U. But the industry has spoken up about the problem and offered a few potential measures that may reduce or eliminate the shortage.

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Despite pay hikes and greater inclusivity, intel corporation 82945g gz integrated graphics controller driver for windows there is still a critical shortage of long-haul truck drivers. Solving the driver shortage is a complex problem and not one that can be solved with one solution.

Drivers are also expected to wait up to two hours for a shipment to be loaded or unloaded. With the pressure to get their freight to its destination as quickly as possible, drivers often skip sleep breaks. Xpress that alleges the motor carrier violated California's rules governing meal and rest breaks for commercial vehicle drivers. Are you a transport professional?

But they are not paid for this downtime. Long-haul truck drivers work and live in their trucks. That process can take two to three hours. The only obstacle the industry faces is automation, which is still many years away. How to Solve the Truck Driver Shortage Due to the complexity of the driver shortage, there is no one solution.

There are several factors that have led to and exacerbated the trucker shortage, lets dive in to reveal the causes and potential solutions for the industry. Drivers must hold a commercial driver's license and pass a criminal background check.

Facebook Twitter Instagram. With an alarming amount of these drivers retiring within the next years, we are quickly approaching a dangerous cliff. But even with the recent pay hikes, Klemp says drivers make less now than they did in the s, adjusted for inflation.

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This article has been edited to clarify the relationship of the analysts to the Department of Labor. It can also increase shipping delays and shortage at stores. To better convince women that they are welcome, carriers need to make it clear that women are not only wanted but needed in the truck driver career pool. One member of Congress believes the truck driver shortage could be resolved through legislation.